Shinee’s ROMEO!!

normal_iSHINee1-4AT LAST!!

The long wait is finally over!! Shinee, SM Entertainment’s contemporary-style boyband, is going to release their 2nd mini album, Romeo!!

The hit- song, Juliette, which is a remake to Corbin Bleu’s Deal With It, was handled by Kenzie, Kim Yeong Hu, Jeong Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) and Eco Bridge. The lyrics was written by Jonghyun himself.

Unfortunately, Shinee’s leader, Onew, was injured when he and his bandmates were going to have supper. He fell down the stairs and hurt his front teeth.

He was advised to rest for at least two weeks. In that case, Shinee’s comeback has to be postponed.


~ by cassiopeiaelfshineeworld on May 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Shinee’s ROMEO!!”

  1. Cool I like this blog^^

  2. Haha Onew and his dorky self lol
    You know that in Hit Me Minho sounds like T.O.P lol

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